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- We design and specialise in intimate, small to medium size wedding and event in London and beyond, with a team of experienced and passionate professionals.
- We divinely plan and design your vision to bring your idea to life.
- We organise distinctive private meetings for clients in London and the rest of the world or is it a luxurious country cottage, bustling London city weekend, epic 3 days in abroad, romantic hide away, a grand private home dinner party or a private date.
We have got you covered.

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Hey there! Welcome to my world of love, laughter and finicky planning. I’m Jumai and I am thrilled to take you on a journey through my life as a dedicated event designer. From the first time I witnessed the magic of a wedding to the moment I decided to turn my passion into a career I have never wanted to look back because of the joy and satisfaction I derived from it. I have always been a social bee amongst my friends, knowing all the best places in London and beyond. From selecting colour palettes and floral arrangements to designing breath-taking venues, you’ll discover how I transform visions into unforgettable experiences. I am an extrovert so I easily make social and professional relationships giving me wide access of contacts over the years. I will ensure that all your desired needs are met. I have the best contacts of vendors that provide seamless service; be it caterers, decorators, bridal stylist, bridal helpers, photographer/videographers in different countries, just name it.

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