Why intimate weddings are better than big weddings

Aug 28 2023

Post pandemic a lot of people have embraced the gathering to fewer crowd, this allows room for more personalisation. Intimate weddings have been trending in recent years and they are typically eco-riendlier and straight forward in terms of planning. A wedding planner once said “At a smaller wedding, you have more room for authenticity and heartfelt connection,” “It’s a great opportunity to revisit what matters
most.” This is absolutely right. When you hear intimate, you think less than 50 but intimate weddings
can be anything from 0-100 people, some people may argue and say you can have up to 120 and stretch it to 150 for the after party but any more than that can be classed as a big wedding. Intimate weddings can be lavish and luxurious because you have the ability to spend as much as you want, picking quality over quantity. With a small list, you have more time to spend with your guests and share your special moment.

1. Quality rather than quantity

With a budget in mind, you can easily plan to cater for your wedding guests and spend less per head. Smaller wedding cost less because with fewer guests, you can focus on creating a memorable experience that will be enjoyed by all.

2. Decrease planning stress

The less number of people the easier it is to plan and plan it stress free. Here you worry about less people and rather focus on the experience. we will assist you from beginning till the end and you don’t have to lift a finger or stress yourself. Whatever it is we will assist you through this special journey.

3. Budget friendly

The more money you have the less worried you are when spending it, because it’s in abundance however money is crucial in planning any event. These days a venue can cost thousands of pounds or dollars.
When you think of somewhere abroad like Zanzibar, cost will be high because of the costs of flights etc. This is why we have a team that can help you to budget rightly. We will work hard to make sure we stay
within budget.

4. Unnecessary relationship

Making a list of the most vital people Include direct family members, like parents, siblings, uncles, aunties, grandparents, close friends and people you usually cannot imagine not being at your wedding. Amy Nichols says if you have room in your wedding budget, you can allow your guests to have a plus-one, but keep in mind that it can grow very quickly that you end up inviting more than necessary. Prior to sending out invitations, make sure you have carefully thought well about the possibility of having plus-ones and establishing the fact that everyone in your bubble is happy with these decisions. The last thing you don’t want is unhappy on your special day that someone you didn’t want to come, actually came to your event.

5. Event styling and designing

Here we fashionably create your desired look of your event or wedding. This is specifically for those who have secured a location or venue and is looking for Divinely helped to transform the space to eventually make your vision a reality. Maybe building a luxurious marquee and styling it to your perfection, creating a mood boards or design an extraordinary couple area for that picture perfect area. You name it, we can arrange that for you.


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